Saturday, March 24, 2007

Altered Postcards

These are altered postcards done for a swap last year. They turned out to be a tremendous amount of work because I was interpreting/emulating a style I saw in the examples the hostess offered at the outset. I used an array of techniques and materials and the postcards ended up having a lot of depth. As I look back I see some things I would have done differently, of course, but I like them. I finished shortly before the deadline and hated to let them go so soon because I hadn't lived with them for long. My studio is in the basement and my habit is to take my newest artwork right up the stairs and set up a display on the kitchen table before I go to bed. My partner, Herb, is usually the first one up in the morning so he is the first one to see my new work. It's also a treat for me to see the work in the morning light and I often leave the display set up for quite some time. I think I had only a day with the postcards and off they went. Swaps and round robins were a very good tool for me back in the mid-90's when I was first doing altered books, tags and ATC's because they helped me see what others were doing and gave me project focus and deadlines. I don't do them as much anymore but every once in a while a project will be so tantalizing that I can't resist.

I'll eventually post newer work. Some upcoming photos will feature paintings I did on a deerskin rattle made by a new friend who is an intuitive healer and alchemist.

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