Friday, September 14, 2007


Hey, it's Friday and I thought I'd invite you to my house (past and present) to see the kinds of things I love to have around me. It's all art as far as I'm concerned, and I've always loved to create vignettes, scenes, arrangements, groupings of objects, etc., that make me smile. The top photo is one of the dining room built-in display shelves (1942 house). The second photo is a past arrangement on the kitchen counter. It's different now. The grain jars are above my kitchen work table. Then you see an old view out my kitchen window. That's been rearranged as well. Wait until I take some pictures of the mantle in my living room!!! I just heard a designer quote his mother on an HGTV show, "It's not done until it's overdone," and that applies to my mantle. When I used to entertain more, people had all kinds of reactions to my style. Oddly enough, it was often men who would really like the layering and artful overkill method I employ in my decorating. My brother-in-law, a fine photographer, took lots of shots of my "worlds". I rearrange them now and again, and I'm definitely in a shift right now. I'll document my mantle, but it might be in for some changes. I really like to see other people's "stuff", too. I love the blog posts where people show photos of their thrift store purchases. I plan to take some of those photos eventually, too.

In addition, I'm showing you (in the bottom photo) a little game piece grouping I put together for my Etsy shop. There are a few of them available as well as vintage fabric and ephemera, so do check it out. Just follow the link. Also, it was on contest-winner, Sheri's blog, I believe, that I saw the link to the "Etsy Sellers Who Blog" blog ring. I just joined and will really look forward to checking out all the Etsyites' blogs.

I subbed today at a high school and had a really nice day. I started my teaching career working with middle-schoolers, then taught expelled middle- and high-school kids, and then coordinated a behavioral intervention program for kindergarteners and first graders. Did all that for 11 years and then decided to morph a little. The subbing is really interesting. I am an even better teacher now than when I was working full-time because I've learned so much about the brain and nervous system and have worked on keeping my own vibratory field super-positive and loving. I have so much fun with kids. This morning, I walked the equivalent of a block or so from the absent teacher's parking place and just appreciated the air temperature, the beautiful trees behind the school, the fresh faces and fashion sense of the students, the polished floors and the oh-so-retro colored tile walls. I just felt so energized and so happy to be there. The day went by quickly and things went smoothly. When I can catch myself going into negative thought or judgment, I just say, "Not gonna go there." It is amazing how positive I can stay and how happy I can feel when I stay out of the ego stuff. Very fun.

So, have a lovely launch into this beautiful weekend. Wishing you all as much fabulousness as you can stand!!!

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Debbie in NM said...

I love groupings. I do it a little bit. The window with the glass is beautiful.