Sunday, September 9, 2007


Pre-P.S. Click on the pictures for a better view of what's in the jars.
Hey, I've got some readers who are asking what's in the jars on the shelves in my earlier "Shelf Project" entry. I took some photos so that you can get an idea of the sorts of doo-dads I love. I can never get photos rearranged once they're uploaded, so these are out of order, but I've included some collages I made using some of the little things I collect. The theme of this project was "Red" and I used a children's cloth alphabet book that I took apart and did lots of different backgrounds on. I did about a dozen of them. The backgrounds range from molding paste to tissue paper to lace to textured paints and all the backgrounds are painted using reds, pinks and reddish browns. I added vintage pipecleaner dolls and gave them things to hold or things to go on the walls of their little worlds. Have a lovely day, readers.

1. Oh!!!! I keep forgetting. I want to have some contests/drawings. From the names of the first 10 people who comment on any post, I will draw a winner who will receive some goodies for your artwork in the mail. I'll hand-pick some fabulous things to send your way.

2. Of the first 10 people who link to my blog from theirs, I will draw a name and you will receive an Ultra-Deluxe package of goodies for your artwork. Just send me the link to your blog when you've linked to mine and I'll add your name to the drawing. And I will, of course, add a blogroll to mine and automatically add yours!!! Yay!!!
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Nickalli said...

Yeah!! I'm the first!! Love your doo-dad jars - I have a HUGE box of assorted odds and ends that I love going through, but am really liking the clear glass jar idea. Thanks!!

jackie said...

I really enjoyed reading your introduction at the Organized group and also love your blog. Since I suffer from Fibro/CFS and arthritis, it was very interesting and enlightening to read that you have battled and won over this crippling pain!

La-Botteghina said...

I see I am not the only one to LOVE the idea of the glass jars as storage/art solution!
I need to wait to eat u some jam before I transform one of my jars into a sparkling universe of JUNK!

Cat said...

Your jars of "stuff" are so cool...It would be fascinating to see them in person!

MaryB said...

"stuff" jars are the best kind to have. I'm glad I've found your blog through the group.

Sheri said...

allright! I still have time to play right? I saw your message to the artezine group...I'm adding your blog to my list... I like it! my blog is ... have fun with your contest!

rush8888 said...

i didn't even know i had a google blogger account!!! wonders never cease!!!

anyway, i just wanted to tell you that i have been storing my "stuff" in jars for years. i have it separated into like things so i can quickly grab what i need, but i can understand the fun of going through a jar or box or bag that has many different kinds of things in it. always a treasure to find! and, definately magic! rush, from organized studio

Nina Originals said...

Interesting idea, storing in the jars. I might have to use that in my own studio

Mercedes said...

I collect some of my fibers in Ikea Jars too. I like the idea how even can decorate looking inside the crystal.
I NEED to be organizated as I have to share my room with my needlework stash too.
If you want you can visit next days my blog and see how is my little art corner.

Oh, do you speak Spanish? I ask you because the name of your blog.

And yes....I will put your blog link on mine.

Love from Spain