Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sheri was our winner and the pics show just what she's getting. I tried to put things in that I might find interesting and cool. Some things are practical; some things are whimsical. It took me so long to pull out a perfect assortment that I didn't get to the P.O. in time to mail it. Monday, without fail, Sheri.
You'll see a collection of Royal Copley (like this gray and pink and black goldfish vase) on my mantle. I adore pottery glazes in colors like the Copley stuff. I love the Copley greens and golds. Yum!!!
"It's not done till it's overdone," might apply to my mantle. Here is a picture of the mantle lit up at night. I love lights and candles. I have been called a magpie more than once because I'm partial to anything shiny. I just find so many things beautiful!!!

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Sheri said...

yay!!! it came today.. i'll put pics on my blog tommorrow! wowowowow! awsome awsome goodies! I'm so blessed! thank you!